Domas Markevičius

2010 January


Control a robot to get out of a dark abandoned warehouse full of uncanny creatures.

This game was hacked together in 48 hours, during Global Game Jam '11 in Kaunas. Then made suitable for use by general public after a week of polishing.

Mac Windows


A game about rebellion, escapism and alienation. Break free from the dominion of artificial intelligence driven by questionable goals.

Mac Windows


A surreal story about dreams, cats and limitless possibilities. Done in 48 hours during Global Game Jam '12 in Kaunas.

Mac Windows


Sparkling rainbow disco-party.

A fun combination of classic platformer and ridicolous world-switching puzzle.

Mac Windows


An interactive experience for two persons.

One person sits in front of a computer. Another person needs a printed version of book.pdf and can’t look at player’s screen. They can communicate by speaking.


Sokoban puzzle with lasers and mirrors.

a ray of sunshine hits the wall
in spacious, nearly empty hall
the job I have won't make me stall
for I am clever orange ball

Mac Windows


Dippy aircraft assemler.

Your goal is to collect all required parts of an airplane before it crashes to the ground.

Game was made during Global Game Jam 2014.

Source Windows


Spooky adventures of a blind person.

Player has to find the way out of a creepy place while a robot voice guides the road.

Game was developed during Global Game Jam 2013.

Mac Windows