Domas MarkevičiusProduct Designer

Mentorship: how to become a professional

Women Go Tech — Vilnius, 2019 and 2020

Over the course of a 7-month mentorship program, I had the opportunity to guide three women who were transitioning to new career paths. During this time, we worked together to explore the entire design process, create a compelling portfolio, and develop the necessary skills to excel in job interviews.

Workshop: Introduction to visual design

Fresh UX Academy — Nida, 2019

A full day workshop for 20 students, covering the topics from the content finalization to the visual brand representation.

Workshop: Introduction to high fidelity design

UX Nida — Nida, 2018

A full day workshop for 20 students sharing the knowledge about the importance of content, its hierarchy and techniques how to make a client see what's intended by design.