Domas MarkevičiusProduct Designer

From design to code with collaboration and documentation

Figma Events — Online, 2022, ~11k views

A Showcase session sharing the workflows used at that help to communicate components and design desicions to developers.

The Influence of Technology in Our UX Role

Icebreakers 19 — Riga, 2019, ~100 guests

UX Salon Meetup — Vilnius, 2019, ~300 guests

Fresh Meetup — Tel Aviv, 2018, ~200 guests

A story about how the arrival of new devices in the market, such as infotainment systems in cars, impacts the way we work. The majority of web and desktop products are designed to grab the user's full attention, but more and more gadgets are now available to assist us with tasks that are outside of the screen, and we should design with that in mind.

Design That Scales

UX and Hello, Vilnius 2018, ~100 guests

A set of tips that help to ship fast multiple products under the same brand. Key ideas that create design scalable and simple as possible.

Taming the beast with a system

Fresh Meetup 8, Vilnius 2018, ~100 guests

A presentation about the benefits of design system and creation of a healthy ecosystem between the DS team and product teams.

Domas Markevičius presenting on stage
2018, Checking my notes what to say next while presenting "The Influence of Technology in Our UX Role" during "Fresh meetup" in Tel Aviv.